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the chicken story


was asked to work with a global fast-food chicken company to market the result of a new, nation-wide taste test. Their chicken wing had been voted tastier and crispier than a competitor’s, and they were planning to spend $20 million to publicize the results.
I had just returned from a meeting with our non-profit client MAP International, whom was looking for $20,000 to help eradicate a neglected tropical disease in over 119 developing countries. That $20,000 would provide hope and relief to hundreds of impoverished women and children.
$20,000 to help hundreds of suffering people verses $20 million to promote a tastier chicken wing?
I left the meeting and activated the URL I had bought years prior, and Advertising for Good was born.
I decided to focus my work – and was quickly joined by many talented marketing colleagues – on helping my non-profits and brands build more meaningful relationships with their donors, customers, and employees. I realized that with the right cause marketing program, brands could increase customer loyalty and the ROI of their marketing spend – while at the same time doing significant good in their community and the world.
We’ve affectionately named this “The Chicken Story,” and evey day, it gives us the perspective and vision we need to do great work that does good.
Solomon Says, Inc.,
the ad agency I ran since 1996,
- Loren Solomon, Founder
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